8 Ball Pool Hack

8 Ball Pool Hack – Cash and Coins Cheats

If you enjoy playing the game of pool and are unable to play due to your busy work schedules then you should consider playing 8 Ball Pool Game. 

In this game, you can enjoy playing pool just like you would have in your local club. Moreover, you can play the game even while traveling or in short work breaks. So, are you ready to have some amazing time with this game? Well, before you start playing 8 Ball Pool game, read on the below-mentioned important aspects including our 8 Ball Pool Hack features.

Pool Coins:

Pool Coins are the primary currency of the game that is required for buying essential items and assets. You can acquire Pool Coins by winning the 1-on-1 matches and tournaments. Daily Spins will also let you earn Pool Coins. The game provides some Scratch and Win Attempts that can reward you with some Pool Coins. If you want to acquire them in huge amounts quickly then you can buy them by spending Pool Cash. You can easily generate Coins with our 8 Ball Pool Hack.

Pool Cash:

Pool Cash is the premium currency of the game that is acquired by spending real world money. You can buy some of the special items in the game by spending Pool Cash, which cannot be purchased by Pool Coins. These items include Ice Cue, extra spins in Spin and Win mini game, certain Chat Packs, and much more. However our 8 Ball Pool Hack also comes with this awesome feature, so prepare to generate Cash!


Leagues are an important aspect of the game as it determines your ranking or league based on your level. There are numerous Leagues in the game like Diamond League, Ruby League, Emerald League, etc. All these Leagues have a unique icon design and emblem. Once you reach the League, you will earn certain rewards, which keep increasing when the League gets higher. For instance, the Brass League is available for Level 1-9 and will make you earn 3,500 Pool Coins. Similarly, the Gold League is for Level 20-24 and will let you earn 50 Pool Cash. If you are not interested in these for earning Coins, just use the 8 Ball Pool Cheats.

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Mini Games:

Mini Games are another interesting feature of 8 Ball Pool game that will let you earn loads of Pool Coins, Scratch Cards, Cues, and free Spins. Here are some of the mini games:

  • Spin and Win: The Spin and Win mini game can let you earn Pool Coins, Scratch Cards, and Lucky 8 Cue. As you can earn lots of in-game currency in this game, you are limited to play only one free spin a day. If you want to play more spins then you will have to purchase them by spending Pool Cash. For instance, 5 Spins can be bought for 10 Pool Cash and 15 Spins can be purchased for 25 Pool Cash.
  • Scratch and Win: In the Scratch and Win mini game, your main aim is to match three of the same cards together and win the amount mentioned on the cards. For instance, if you scratch out three two hundred cards then you will be rewarded with 200 Pool Coins.
  • Hi-Lo: The Hi-Lo mini game will enable you to win thousands of Pool Coins. The jackpot prize value of this mini game consists of up to one million Pool Coins. So, it is certainly the best mini game to play. The entry fees for the jackpot game vary depending on its reward prize.
  • If you are bad at mini games, simply give a try to our amazing 8 Ball Pool Hack to have fun!


The main highlight of the 8 Ball Pool game is Cues, which are available in various shapes and sizes. There are several cues provided in the game that are mainly bifurcated into three groups – Standard Cues, Country Cues, and Premium Cues. Each cue is crafted with unique design and statistics. The four different attributes of each cue are Spin, Force, Aim, and Time. Listed below are some of the cues that you will come across in the game:

  • Classic Cue: It can be acquired at Level 2 and it costs 5 Pool Cash. The amount of Pool Coins required to recharge it is 20. It specializes in aim.
  • Black Hole Cue: It is obtainable at Level 52 and it price value is 4,200,000 Pool Coins. To recharge this cue, you will require 420,000 Pool Coins. It is one of the most expensive cues available in the game and it specializes in spin.
  • Galaxy Cue: It can be obtained at Level 26 and it costs 750 Pool Cash. The amount required to recharge is 1875 Pool Coins. Statistic-wise, the Galaxy Cue is one of the best cues available in the game. It specializes in force and spin.
  • Lightning Cue: It is obtainable at Level 20 and costs 450 Pool Cash. It requires 1125 Pool Coins to recharge. The cue specializes in force.

Clothes And Frames:

Clothes are customizable feature of tables in the game. You can change the color of the main cloth of the table. Blue is the default color for the table. If you want to change the blue color then you need to spend certain amount of currencies. There are several colors available in the game like yellow, green, pink, etc. that are available for different amount of in-game currencies. The most expensive cloth is yellow. Cloth Patterns are different styled clothes that are available for the tables. Frames refer to the border of the table that can be customized as per your choice.

Listed Below Are Some Effective Tips That You Should Follow For Becoming A Better Pool Player At 8 Ball Pool Game:

  • Every hour you can get 25 Pool Coins so ensure that you check the game often and collect the currency.
  • You should choose your cue carefully by checking its stats. The force determines how hard your hit will be. Spin highlights how well your shots will curve. Aim shows the accuracy your ball will stick to the guidelines. Time increases the amount of time you have during your turn.
  • There are several cues available in the game that has certain strengths and weaknesses. You should research well on them before picking up any one for your game. Always pick the cue that suits your style of playing.
  • Keep practicing the game for enhancing your skills. You can consider playing offline practice mode of the game. This will let you know how much power to put on the shots, how to plan series of shots, which spin to use, etc.
  • Do not hit hard on the ball because the amount of power you use on your shots will make or break your game. On most occasions, a soft touch to the ball will have a better chance of dropping into the hole.
  • Master the art of putting spin on the cue ball and you will surely reach the advanced stages of the game quickly.
  • Always plan ahead and keep in mind the ball that you are likely to pot next.
  • Right from the beginning, spend a part of your in-game currency on upgrading your cue. This will enhance your rate of success at winning the matches. Once you have earned lot of currency, you can use them to buy cues that have great stats.
  • To line up your shots quickly, tap and drag on the pool table surface in front of the tip of the cue. Then, make precise shot adjustments by dragging from the cue’s handle until it reaches exactly where you want to position it.
  • Do not spend your in-game currencies on unwanted things. Save them so that you can purchase expensive cues and play premium matches.
  • The spin that you put on the cue ball while taking your shot is known as English. It can be difficult to use English in the beginning, so practicing well will make your game easier.
  • If you are playing this game on Android, then keep in ming that our 8 Ball Pool Hack Android and 8 Ball Pool Hack iOS compatible!

All in all, 8 Ball Pool game is an engrossing one for gamers of all age groups. The game has acquired 4 out of 5 stars on the rating chart. So, if you want to try your hands on the game of pool then start playing 8 Ball Pool Game right away!